Our Services


The success of any project relies on the scientific conceptualisation of what is needed to be done and the activities required for the implementation of such a solution. Our project management service is an all inclusive process from conception through to implementation and to project closure. Our project management practice is founded on the prescripts of the globally respected Project Management Institute.


We take our service offering with a project management mentality and our delivery is done
timeously. Our services are well orchestrated to produce undeniable proof to ‘Rockbound quality delivery’. We have a decade of collective experience in asset management, trade & logistics and ICT solutions and we will be bringing all that to play in our service delivery to you. Our motivation is to create an enabling environment for our clients and contributing to service delivery on a global scale.


Our research & survey tool will help in assessing opinions and trends on a big or small scale thereby assisting entities such as all state owned, private and public businesses in analysing the results and utilising it to impact on strategies positively and to promote growth and development . Our research and survey tools are carefully crafted or customised to produce excellent results that will place us on our client’s speed dial for future engagements.


Our cleaning services aims to create an enabling environment for our clients by being a problem solver. We take every engagement professionally and our eagle eyed cleaning staff undergo additional on the job training in the application of global best practises. Our commitment to you is to create a healthy and safe environment for you to thrive and succeed.